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Slice of Moon by Kim Dower

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Slice of Moon by Kim Dower
Kim Dower’s first book of poems, Air Kissing on Mars, was described by poet Thomas Lux as “a rare and astonishing first book . . . a kind of a miracle.” The Los Angeles Times called it “sensual and evocative . . . poems that traverse the chaos of everyday life with a light touch that can turn ironic and edgy without you even noticing it. Some are lyrical snapshots of life’s bittersweet moments, while others seamlessly combine humor and heartache.” Now, in her second collection, Slice of Moon, Kim Dower retains her whimsical style while reaching deeper, writing—of love, longing, motherhood, vulnerability, death—with the same humor and accessibility of her earlier work, but with greater lyrical intensity, irony, poignancy.

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