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Tech Visions of Female Power

Petra Eiko’s and Sabine Meyer zu Reckendorf’s works explore female power through technology and the arts.

The exhibition reflects on female under-representation and the value of diversity, for research has shown that higher diversity within a group results in higher performance. More importantly, individuals from different genders, races, backgrounds and life experiences bring different perspectives that can lead to innovative solutions.

Both artists create three-dimensional objects that engage viewers in conversations. While Sabine experiments with recycled materials and robotic parts, Petra investigates the reflection of light and mirroring images.


Artist and author, Petra Eiko was born and educated in Germany.  Since 2005, Eiko’s focus is on reverse paintings, sculptural three-dimensional painted pieces and installations (acrylic on plexiglass).  Her works of colored circles are showing the emotional dance around the ultimate middle. Her hemispheres and eye series are interpretations of perception and perceived.

Petra Eiko uses art, public projects and poetry to increase tolerance among people around the world.  Her artwork has been exhibited internationally in United States, Germany, Korea, Qatar, Cuba, Bangladesh and Japan. 2005 Eiko was awarded with the Honorary Citizenship of Busan, Korea for her achievements in poetry.

In 2009, Eiko designed the-green-heart project to inspire and to widen global communication through interactive public art.


Sabine Meyer zu Reckendorf is best known for her playful sculptures made from re-purposed industrial surplus and materials scavenged from America’s consumer excess.  Her work is heavily informed by her education as a designer in Muenster, Germany.  She brought those design and fabrication skills back home to freedom-loving California and infused the German quality engineering with fun and color, exhibiting her work in Berlin, Phoenix and all over the Greater Los Angeles area since the late 1980s.

Years working in the Hollywood movie industry as a special effects technician, machinist, prop maker and miniature builder further opened up her skills and led her to develop her own unique style.  Influences by Niki de St. Phalle, Jean Tinguely and others can be seen in her use of motors, bold lines and bright colors.