Welcome to Red Hen's PRESALES site. For our main website, please visit www.redhen.org. Due to the increase in COVID cases, we will process shipments once a week in the office. Thank you for your patience.


1. Why is my  showing more items than I added?

If you included a custom donation amount when checking out, the way the custom donation is configured is that you are donating X amount at a rate of $1 per X. So a purchase of one book and a custom donation amount of $20 result in a cart inventory of 21 items. One book and 20 x $1 ($20 donation). 

2. Well, that looks funky. Why can't you show the correct amount? One book and one donation should be two items!

Yes, the set up is funky, but we're really good at publishing books and really horrible at writing code. Sorry, not sorry. Lo siento. Orray-Sorrysay. However, if it really, really, REALLY bugs you, please feel free to donate a fixed amount instead—like $1,000.

3. There's so many books and so little time to read! The wait is killlllllling me. Where are my books?!

Whoa there. Chill. Eat a Snickers. Or preferably something healthier like an apple. We will send books out as soon as final copies arrive at our office, which will definitely be before a book's publication date. However, if you submit a presale order on March 1st, and the book is not published until April 15th. You may not receive the book until early April. Thanks for understanding!

4. I don't live in the United States (thank God...), but I love Red Hen books. Why don't I get free shipping with my orders?

¡Hola! Guten Tag! Namaste! Unfortunately, international shipping is very expensive and we just can't afford to fully cover that expense. We do offer 50% discount on shipping. Thank you for understanding. Cheers! 谢谢! Grazie!

 5. Does it matter if I just preorder on Amazon?

Yes, yes it does. We'd love you forever if you buy directly from us. We won't love you if you buy from Amazon. Now do you want to be loved? Yeah, I thought so.