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Boomerangs in the Living Room by Rex Wilder

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Boomerangs in the Living Room by Rex Wilder
Rex Wilder's second collection introduces the world to a new form: the boomerang, a four-line nouveau haiku, an anti-Tweet that aims for permanence in an evanescent world. Boomerang--or, in the words of Richard Wilbur, who advised the author on their shape, "admirable throwaways"--must rhyme the first word or syllable with the last. The opening salvo must suggest a coda, the bullet must return to its chamber. In the process, the poem moves like a boomerang: according to Wilbur, "a thrown boomerang has three phases: it flies to first base (as it were), then travels over to third and rises, then swoops home." Boomerangs in the Living Room catches in its sweep literature's classic themes: love, death, family, sex. The poems that come swooping back are seductive, destructive, endlessly quotable, and heartbreakingly beautiful.

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