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Glacier Lily by Chungmi Kim

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Glacier Lily by Chungmi Kim

“Chungmi Kim explores the themes of longing and displacement in a culture she sees as both askew—like seeing “the mountain upside down”—and engaging, as in her title poem, “Glacier Lily,” where identity is born not of the purity of nostalgia but of the coloring of age, vibrant and transforming, as are all of the poems in this collection.”—James Ragan

“Chungmi Kim’s passion, empathy, and lyric voice bring us diverse communities: from Hollywood to South Central L.A.; from Korea to America. We see what she sees: “the mountain upside down,” but the very next moment we are lifted skyward by her words. Chungmi Kim’s poems find us again and again, but never in the same way.”—Russell C. Leong

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