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Monkey Business by Carleton Eastlake (out May 2022)

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Monkey Business by Carleton Eastlake (out May 2022)
Monkey Business by Carleton Eastlake (out May 2022)

A fast-moving Hollywood satirical adventure and deeply revelatory love story with a comprehensive look at the reality of producing a TV series.

When William Fox, a TV writer on location in Florida, is dragged by his show’s toxic producers to a “gentleman's club” that’s just appeared outside town, he meets Nicole, a mysterious dancer who claims to be an anthropologist searching for signs of rational life on Earth.

Enchanted by her both playful and serious ideas exploring love, limerence, power, monkey behavior, paintball combat, creativity, and the dilemma of a rational mind compelled to serve an animal’s body by feeding it fantasies, Will falls in love—and his ever more troubled love-struck behavior and the acidly destructive battles among his producers and network executives during the production of his show soon begin to illustrate Nicole’s theories.

Nicole is charmingly romantic on a cruise up the Space Coast, but nothing about her seems authentic. After she warns she’ll soon leave and his producers are humbled by an uncanny encounter with the police, Will begins to wonder, is Nicole staging real world events with him and the producers as her experimental subjects? And if so, can he discover her true identity, learn the lessons she’s trying to teach, and earn her love before he loses her forever?


"Carl Hiaasen, make way for Carleton Eastlake. Monkey Business is a brash and bawdy hero’s journey - and wicked fun from start to finish."
- Julia Glass, National Book Award winning author of Three Junes

“Carleton Eastlake has written a raw, jarring, darkly funny primer and philosophical treatise on navigating the politics of television and lust that's dressed up as a noir novel about a man driven to near madness by the Machiavellian mind-games of his bosses and soul-ravaging sex with a mysterious stripper.”

—Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author & TV Producer

“One Midsummer Eve, a young, put-upon TV writer meets a fairy queen in the form of a sibylline exotic dancer obsessed with anthropology, the failure of Darwinism, and Chairman Mao. What unfolds is a captivating, clever, Freudian escapade through the vicissitudes of love, power games, paintball, and the irrationality of human behavior.”
—Karen Essex, best-selling author of Kleopatra, Pharaoh, Leonardo's Swans, Stealing Athena, and Dracula in Love: A Novel

“I don't know which I admire more: clever wordplay, amusing textual Easter eggs, a delightfully enigmatic leading woman, or an unabashedly candid self-aware narrator. All these elements combine to make Monkey Business a fascinating read, but not an easy skim. Carleton Eastlake enjoys the unique perspective of an executive show business insider, and as one who has shared those gilded trenches, I'm pleased to vouch for his authenticity and relieved that I've never had to experience the tortuous track of his narrator's romantic entanglements.”
—Carl Gottlieb, author of The Jaws Log



Parnucklian for Chocolate by B.H. James (Fiction)

Josiah’s mother was impregnated with him during an alien abduction in her freshman year of college by the Keymaster of Gozer, a high-ranking official of the planet Parnuckle. Parnucklians, Josiah’s mother explained to him often, eat nothing but chocolate, and so too, being part-Parnucklian, would Josiah.

Three weeks before his sixteenth birthday, Josiah is allowed to leave the group home he has been living in for two years and move back in with his mother, who is about to marry Johnson Davis. When Josiah, his mother, Johnson Davis, and Johnson Davis’s daughter Bree Davis – a prematurely mature girl with her own history of parental betrayal – attempt to live together as an all – American nuclear family, the mythology underpinning all their lives comes chaotically and absurdly unspooled.

This startling, stylish, hilarious debut novel explores what happens when we realize how crazy our parents are, and how crazy we were to ever believe them. In Parnucklian for Chocolate, B.H. James has made recognizable and relatable the alien lurking at the heart of so much family life.

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