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Something Indecent Edited by Valzhyna Mort

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Something Indecent Edited by Valzhyna Mort

Seven contemporary Eastern European poets—Adam Zagajewski, Vera Pavlova, Tomaz Salamun, Ales Steger, Nikola Madzirov, Eugenijus Alishanka, and editor Valzhyna Mort—introduce us to poems by writers who have become for them windows onto the world. They were asked: Who are the best representative poets of your region? Your generation? And, more broadly: Who are your favorite European poets of the 20th century? What European poets, across the millennia, are most important to an understanding of your particular region? Spanning thousands of years and thousands of miles, their surprising, often unpredictable choices—and the reasons for those choices—are collected here, forming the latest entry in a poetic conversation carried across centuries, countries, and traditions. More than a presentation of contemporary Eastern European poets, Something Indecent is a conversation—a symposium—about how European poets view themselves, their contemporaries, their century, and the place of their region in the millennia.

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